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From Data to Action: Transforming Retail Marketing with a Master Subscriber Database

The company, which had both brick-and-mortar stores and an e-commerce platform, faced several challenges in its email marketing efforts

Published by jetbi
09 February 2023

Project Challenges

The company, which had both brick-and-mortar stores and an e-commerce platform, faced several challenges in its email marketing efforts, including:

  • Scattered data was located on different platforms (Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, 3rd party integrations) and there was no common understanding of the state of the subscriber base
  • There was no single configured mechanism for monitoring the status of a subscription and changing user data across platforms
  • High email bounce rates, low delivery rates, low engagement rates, and a tarnished IP reputation
  • Lack of understanding of customers’ profiles, activity, and possible marketing segments
  • The need to have complete statistics on the state of the subscriber base.


Implemented Solution

Master Subscriber Data Extension was created because it provides additional data points that can be used to personalize email campaigns, segment audiences, and analyze customer behavior. This information can be used to target specific segments, create more relevant content, and increase the effectiveness of email marketing efforts. Additionally, master data extensions can also provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing for more informed marketing and business decisions.

The data is collected and updated every day in Automation Studio which consists of 30+ SQL and 3 Script Activities.

  • To track everyday changes in subscribers’ data, transaction logs data extensions have been added in the middle of every Automation SQL update activity.
  • A Script Activity has been implemented to update subscribers’ status in the All Subscribers list
  • A Script Activity has been created with the reference to AMPScript in Content Block to update subscriber status in the Salesforce Service Cloud Account sObject field.
  • Leveraging SQL Activities the subscribers have been divided into customer segments, data sources, and other information collected from various sources



  1. Reduced Email Bounces: After implementing the best practices, the number of email bounces decreased by 20%.
  2. Improved IP Reputation: The IP reputation was significantly improved, resulting in fewer emails being marked as spam and more emails being delivered to the inbox.
  3. Launched 5+ personalized marketing campaigns: By utilizing the master data extension, we were able to launch 5+ personalized marketing campaigns based on customer segments, activity data, and subscribers’ personal information.
  4. Improved Delivery Rates: The delivery rate of emails increased by 15% after implementing the best practices.
  5. Increased Email Engagement: Email engagement, as measured by opens and clicks, increased by 10% after implementing the best practices.

The case study demonstrates the importance of effective email subscriber database management for both improving IP reputation and enhancing the success of marketing campaigns.


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