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Automation testing implementation for Salesforce Field Service Project

Successful automation testing implementation on the ongoing Salesforce Field Service project for order and billing processes

Published by jetbi
24 November 2022

Project description 

Client, a company providing home repair services for individual and corporate customers across London (UK), has implemented the Salesforce Field Service solution. To save time on some trivial scenarios for the smoke testing it was decided to automate some of them.



  • Save time on testing efforts and improve its efficiency;
  • Have daily system health reporting;
  • Quickly check the system after deployments and Salesforce releases



  • Identify the same type of test scenarios that spend the most time of QA per year;
  • Write automation tests;
  • Optimize the hardware;
  • Run tests daily


JET BI services performed

  • Implemented 14 Android automation tests using mobile device emulators;
  • Developed 46 Customer Community web automation tests to test the most popular scenario of order booking;
  • Corrected tests for upgraded Customer Community UI;
  • Configured scheduler for a daily test run;
  • Created reports to be sent to the customer and team members at the end of the test run;
  • Configured hardware, and installed all necessary software;
  • Configured CI process;
  • Ongoing maintenance and support services.


Picture 1: Test Result Report



Picture 2: Running of Android automation test using an emulator



  • The time spent on testing iteration has been reduced by 50%;
  • Over 10 defects were found during automation testing iterations before the defect caused production downtime;
  • Continuous quality reports are available for the customer and team daily without manual testing iterations.


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