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Analytical system and corporate data warehouse development

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06 February 2018

Project description 

Within the project was developed the corporate data warehouse by means of MS SQL, ETL-processes and integration with the corporate 1C system were set, and the analytical reporting system on the SAP Business Objects platform was implemented.

Goals and tasks 

  • Create the corporate data warehouse to optimize the data receipt time and to reduce the load on the productive environment of the 1C system implemented at the enterprise;
  • Create an analytical reporting system with a single entry point from around the world;
  • Improve the quality of management decisions through providing tools for interactive analysis and visualization of the company's performance indexes;
  • Visualization of key performance indicators in reports that provide quick answers to business questions to make the necessary management decision;
  • Reduce the cost for reports preparation through automation of the data collection process;
  • Provide users with the ability to generate reports by themselves.

Project scope 

  • Within the project was developed the corporate data warehouse by means of MS SQL, ETL-processes and integration with the corporate 1C system were set, and the analytical reporting system on the SAP Business Objects platform was implemented.
  • The implementation project started in June 2015 and went into productive operation in January 2016.
  • The works on the project implementation included the following phases:
  • Methodological research, collection of requirements, drawing specifications for reports and their interrelationships;
  • Development of the architecture of corporate data warehouse and configuration of the integration with 1C;
  • Drawing of database views, development of ETL-processes and filling the data warehouse;
  • Development of analytical reporting by means of SAP Business Objects. The reporting is available in both browser and mobile devices;
  • Productive operation, further development and maintenance of the system;
  • Within the project works, our experts provided the smooth process of data collection into the developed corporate data warehouse from more than 600 stores throughout Russia. The omission of the reports preparation in the 1C system allowed reducing the load on the server, which resulted in the optimization of the main company`s business processes. In addition, a single data warehouse enabled business analysts to generate reports in 24/7 mode, regardless of the 1C system down time, maintenance works, and short-term breakdowns;
  • Due to the optimized architecture and competent data indexing, the average time for report generation has decreased thrice. For the time being the data volume in the corporate data warehouse reached 1TB, the maximum data refining allows you to analyze sales volume up to a single article in a few minutes, beginning from 2010


  • As a result of the analytical reporting system implementation the requirements and indicators were unified for three brands owned by the company.  It enabled the unified data interpretation and reduced the errors number by analyzing the company`s activity as a whole. The automation of data collection allowed reducing the amount of manual calculations, which significantly increased the quality of the initial data.
  • For now, our experts have implemented 32 reports that include both operational data (for example, sales reporting for the past day) and strategic (such as analyze of the size range demand, analyze of specific collection sales and predicting future sales proceeded from the historical data).
  • The availability of mobile reporting functionality provided management with a tool that allows obtaining operational data about the company's activities from around the world, using only a mobile device.
  • A unified approach to the structure and formation of reporting, as well as an easily understandable semantic layer, enabled users to prepare necessary reports independently, without involving technical specialists
  • As for today, about 50 users work in the system on the regular basis. Moreover, the system prepares about 800 documents each day and sends documents to 600 stores throughout Russia.

Advantages of JET BI 

  • Unique technical expertise and experience in Business Intelligence tools;
  • High quality thanks to the efficient QA processes and the transparent handling of bugs enhancement applications;
  • Bureaucracy minimum;
  • Adjustment to the client`s internal processes, challenges implementation with regard of the specific of the business processes;
  • High level of employees’ motivation.
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