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AI Powered CRM for real-estate agency

Sales Cloud implementation, Salesforce Connect and custom development powered by ChatGPT API and CloseBot

Published by JET BI
22 May 2024


Cutting-edge real-estate broker\agency in the US providing new generation financial services for the customers.


Initial lead qualification was time consuming and real-estate consultants were spending hours and hours trying to find the perfect match by talking to various agents, sales people, etc. on the phone and via texting . It was decided to empower the team with AI to perform initial conversation with the customer and gather all essential information. Based on the AI decision making the system is allowed to conduct high quality conversations with the customers and identify the correct type of the deal, timeline and other important qualification factors. Once qualified consultants were calling the customer directly via telephony powered by Salesforce Connect.

Project Scope

Implement basic Salesforce Sales Cloud functionality. Customize data model for real-estate business and the customer specific deal types

  • Configure Einstein Bot, integrate with Close Bot AI platform
  • Configure Sales Cloud Console, Reports and Dashboards
  • Develop custom AI co-pilot for the agent which provides recommendations to the agent as the deal goes. 
  • Custom SMS notifications for users and customers powered by Heymarket
  • Salesforce Connect implementation

Project Results 

  • Einstein Bot and Close Bot AI Integration

We configured the Einstein Bot to handle routine queries and schedule viewings, integrating it with Close Bot's artificial intelligence for advanced communication capabilities. This freed up the agent's time for more complex tasks.

  • Sales Cloud Console, Reports, and Dashboards

We set up the Sales Cloud Console for a centralized workspace, including custom reports and real-time dashboards. These tools provide insight into sales performance, property status, and customer engagement, improving agent productivity.

  • AI Co-Pilot Development

A custom AI co-pilot was developed to provide agents with real-time recommendations, such as the most suitable properties, optimal time to follow up and pricing strategies. This improved the efficiency of decision-making and the speed of closing deals.

  • Custom SMS Notifications

Using Heymarket, we implemented automated SMS notifications for appointment reminders, status updates, and promotional messages. This increased customer engagement through timely and personalized communication.

  • Salesforce Connect Implementation

Salesforce Connect integrated external data sources, offering real-time access to market trends, financial data, and third-party services. This has helped ensure agents have complete and up-to-date information.

The customized Salesforce Sales Cloud solution significantly increased the efficiency of real estate agents and consultants, reducing the time needed for education and training. If you need help with Salesforce implementation and customization, please, leave a request

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