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Management solutions for customer’s business

Management solutions for customer’s business

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Our project management team consists of qualified and experienced individuals. To guarantee that services are provided consistently and in accordance with best practices, JET BI supports them with a number of tools, procedures, and project management systems. We demonstrate to our clients how to make project development scope, timeline, and execution plans as effective as possible.

The project managers of JET BI hold credentials like SCRUM Master, Project Manager Professional, and others that are widely recognized. They possess a minimum of ten years of project management experience. Since 2013, JET BI's expertise and practical experience have effectively ensured project deliveries in terms of timing, price, and scope.


  • ​​​​​​planning-pmPlanning

In order to provide the customer with the most value possible, we thoroughly approach the situation to clarify all client requirements and comprehend their business goals. From gathering requirements to creating final paperwork, every stage in our planning is intended to address business concerns.

  • documentation-pmDocumentation

For the finest services, we produce and maintain technical and project documentation for our clients.

  • team-meetings-pmTeam meetings

We manage the day-to-day operational aspects of a project, task status, and scope control.

  • troubleshooting-pmTroubleshooting

Effectively foresee, avoid, and/or resolve project-related problems.

  • creation-of-realistic-scheduleCreation of a realistic schedule

To maintain the project on schedule and under budget, accurate time estimations are required for project implementation.

  • software-development-pmSoftware Development Lifecycle Planning

Our managers will give you a thorough development plan before the project begins. Knowing the complete strategy will enable you as the client to make changes, monitor the progress of the work, or take control of it yourself if necessary.

  • increase-roi-pmIncrease ROI

You'll save time using our IT project management services. The most difficult task of organizing the workflow to put your idea into action will be taken on by our project managers. A project manager can join the team at any point, but working with the team from the outset of the project will yield the best results.


We have available resources to start working on your project within 5 business days

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1 Admin

2 QA engineers

1 Consultant