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Final session of QA seminars
On Friday, March 23, we completed the session of QA department seminars at JET BI. The internal process of education has allowed quality engineers to look at the testing process from the outside: to see advantages and disadvantages of the workflow
26 April 2018
Salesforce Community Belarus: Meetup#2 Keynotes
On April 10, in the EventSpace, the second meetup of the Salesforce Professionals Belarus community took place. It is pleasant to note that the interest to informal professional meetings grows significantly - around 120 people became participants of Salesforce Meetup this time.
11 April 2018
Meet JET BI at Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam this week!
We are in the middle of the most innovative events. Interested in Salesforce implementation? Want to customize your CRM to get the full of your instance? Have an interesting idea and are looking for a team, of experienced Salesforce developers?
09 April 2018
Enrollment on a new Salesforce course is open
Enrollment on a new Salesforce course is open! WHEN? – May, 2018 WHERE? - BSUIR, audience 112 (Minsk, Gikalo street 9). And remote lessons in the form of webinars.
21 March 2018
International Women's Day at JET BI
International Women's Day is a holiday of spring, beauty, tenderness, spiritual wisdom and attention to a woman. Despite the beginning of March is snowy and frosty, this day turned out really spring, warm and flourishing at JET BI.
08 March 2018
Best wishes, our Defenders!
We would like to surprise our team and we have done it! We have discovered a new  celebration format for a cold season- tramp’s party.
26 February 2018
JET BI got ISO 9001:2015 certified!
It is a great pleasure to announce that JET BI has passed the quality standard audit and got ISO 9001:2015 certified.
22 February 2018
Journey through the theatre
The theatre is certainly one of the most spectacular and fascinating arts. The variety of genres and topics attracts both adults and children.
19 February 2018
Documentation testing and communication within the team
The second QA seminar took place at our main office. This time we`ve brought up to discussion a very exciting topic - "Documentation testing and communication within the team".
15 February 2018
JET BI at SAP CIS Partner Forum in Moscow
On February 13 JET BI took part in the Partner Forum, organized by SAP CIS in Moscow. For the first time, the annual meeting of employees (SAP CIS All-hands) and the Partner Forum were held within the framework of a single event.
14 February 2018
Internal seminars on QA topics
We have recently set up a series of seminars conducted by QA for QA. Starting from the testing stages and time planning, to functional, automated, and integration testing.
12 February 2018
Jet BI joined Hi-Tech Park Belarus
In early February, there was a truly significant achievement for our company - JET BI joined  High Technologies Park Belarus  - special business environment.
11 February 2018