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JET BI celebrated Defender of the Fatherland Day
We wanted to make the holiday special. Congratulations to our men started at the office and continued at FORSAGE “Uruchye” сarting center, where we found out the fastest JET BI racer.
26 February 2019
Competitor Analysis
Find out how to reduce the efforts and to get clear results while conducting market research in our article.
22 February 2019
First "IoT and VR for business" meetup took place
Students and employees of JET BI gathered to talk about the application of IoT and VR technologies on the example of real cases.
20 February 2019
What's new in SAP Analytics Cloud?
SAP introduced new features in SAP Analytics Cloud. This version provides a convenient and effective functionality for users and developers. In our article, we will briefly review some of them.
01 February 2019
Effective sales with Conversayit
Conversayit is a responsive Lightning-ready Salesforce application that lets you easily create new scripts for conversation and have a visual representation of the discussion you build.
22 January 2019
JET BI bids for good
Everyone from the team was glad to participate in the auction. We had fun and showed the creativity while adding outstanding lots in the application.
14 January 2019
JET BI shortlisted for the SAP Leonardo Hackathon
As a part of the competition, the participants implemented their innovative ideas within a few weeks using the SAP Leonardo platform.
29 December 2018
Build unique sales pitch with Conversayit
Are you a real expert in sales or clients service support and want to share your expertise with teammates, subordinates so they will avoid most common mistakes?
27 December 2018
'Best of 2018' New Year Celebration
This year the corporate party was really special for us, it was timed not only for the New Year celebration but also for the anniversary of the company.
26 December 2018
JET BI Capacity Manual Booking overview
JET BI Project Management team is constantly trying to keep track of the current workload of the company’s employees.
21 December 2018
The second JET BI and BSUIR educational lab opened
The first JET BI lab has been working at the university for almost two years. It has been conducting educational courses in SAP, Salesforce and QA.
20 December 2018
Field Service Lightning, Einstein Analytics, Financial Services Cloud
JET BI is always striving to keep up to date with the latest trends. We are happy to introduce new service lines we have launched to provide even more comprehensive customer experience.
18 December 2018