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JET BI knowledge based on Salesforce technologies
#IfMyLaptopCouldTalk It would go on for hours on development for Salesforce, like our strategic marketing automation software suite - ADVANTAGE that we created as native add-on.
08 October 2019
Parking Cloud for Bicycles? Why not!
On the way to Dreamforce we see demand for JET BI Parking Cloud smart parking with the native Salesforce cloud solution powered by the cutting-edge IoT infrastructure. 
04 October 2019
Rock the summer: JET BI corporate party
SUMMER is a time of unlimited possibilities to change your environment. Outdoor activities are the best option possible. At least we at JET BI sincerely believe in it.
30 August 2019
Visualize Data On Salesforce with VR CRM solution
Fast decision making has become one of the most important characteristics of successful business managers. Overloaded with tons of information, manages and business owners lack instruments for quick situation overview and easy to use interfaces.
08 August 2019
Parking Cloud: comfortable city navigation
Constant lack of free parking spaces? Are you fed up with spending valuable time circling around and looking for a parking lot? Parking Cloud is the next-gen solution created especially for you!
04 August 2019 to power up fundraising with Salesforce NPSP
Minsk, Belarus - JET BI LLC is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with the Belarus Red Cross on implementation and further support of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. 
23 July 2019
It is all about parking - Cloud-based solution by JET BI
The world becomes more and more fast and busy. Obviously, looking for a free parking space is not a favorite pastime of car drivers.
13 June 2019
IoT Focus Minsk 2019
JET BI team visited the case-conference "IoT Focus Minsk 2019" organized to share experience about  development and implementation of Internet of Things solutions.
02 June 2019
JET BI among best Salesforce service providers on
Expressing his delight on the occasion, Andrey Bosak, Head of Salesforce Department JET BI, said, “We are happy to see this acknowledgment of the value we create for our clients via services delivered.
24 May 2019
Our point of view on the annual SAP Forum
JET BI, as an invited partner, represented by Director Andrew Tankevich, attended the event to get acquainted with the latest trends in the enterprise-level business solutions on the market.
19 April 2019
JET BI is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner
We are proud to announce that JET BI has been appointed a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner in April 2019.
15 April 2019
JET BI at SAP Forum Moscow
Digital now. The words opened yesterday one of the largest business forums in Russia - SAP Forum Moscow. Krokus City Hall gathered more than 5,000 participants and guests that witnessed the digital future had come.
14 April 2019