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What's new in SAP Analytics Cloud?

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01 February 2019


SAP introduced new features in SAP Analytics Cloud. This version provides a convenient and effective functionality for users and developers. In our article, we will briefly review some of them.

Improved data visualization. Saving frequently used filters, prompts, controls, charts, tables in the private bookmarks can increase the efficiency of work. The user may use more than one bookmark and switch between them to view the story depending on his preferences at any time. You can also set a default private bookmark for the user, which will open when the story is loaded.

Custom order in tables and charts is added to display data in accordance with the needs of users. For scenarios with hierarchy, sorting is applied only among neighboring nodes.


Multicurrency in SAP Analytics Cloud has become more convenient. Added the ability to automatically convert currency.

Now you can convert the indicator into a measurement and vice versa.

Various calculations are available for tables, for example, a cumulative sum or a moving average. The list of permissible calculations depends on the selected measurements.

The Input Control Configuration has become more flexible - now it can be applied not only to the entire page but also to a separate set of charts and tables.

In the new version, users can launch the explorer view from charts and tables. It is convenient to view the measurements and indicators used. In explorer view, you there is an opportunity to export charts and tables to a CSV file.


Stories can be exported to Google Slides, where the page will be added to the slide as a picture.

Lazy loading speeds up loading story. First, the content of the viewport, which is visible to the user is loaded, and then in the background, the rest of the content. If the user does not scroll the page to the end, the content below will not load.

When connected to HANA 2.0. database through Live Data Connection a number of new opportunities for working with data appeared. For example, the dynamic loading of an image into a history stored in BLOB format in HANA 2.0 database has become available.

For cases where the image will not be returned from the database or more than one image is returned, you can add a static alternative image.

Also, when using Live Data Connection to HANA 2.0., it became possible to build histogram charts, measure-based filters, asymmetric tables. In addition, there is an opportunity to work with timestamp dimensions.

A caching of story data in client browsers appeared. It allows to load stories even faster. The cache will be stored until the history is changed. Available in Google for not in incognito mode.

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