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We continue a series of QA department workshops

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03 August 2018

We continue a series of QA department workshops. On March 2 the third seminar was held on the topic "Functional testing and communication with a customer". The speaker, Alexandra Ladutska, brought up questions related to the specifics of each testing stage in the company and the scheduling of the working time of a QA engineer.

Attendees considered and discussed in detail all stages of the testing process, goals and objectives, and the role of team members at each stage of the project. In addition, the team focused on the specifics of the applying of testing tools depending on the project and the needs of the customer.

Time is the most valuable and essential resource, especially in the IT sphere. So Alexandra touched on the issue of rational scheduling of working hours. A “hot” question for the whole QA team. She also shared some tips and rules for time management from own experience.

The objectives of the seminar were achieved: proactive and productive discussion of the working process, exchange of experience.

We are waiting for the next one! Every day JET BI is in progress.

We have available resources to start working on your project within 5 business days

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1 Admin

2 QA engineers

1 Consultant

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