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We are in the final! SAP Coder 2018 competition

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16 October 2018

SAP Coder is a competition for developers on SAP Cloud Platform. This is an innovative platform that offers digital services for the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, predictive analytics, and other advanced business scenarios.

On October 10, Andrew Tankevich, SAP BI expert at JET BI, presented the jury with a unique solution JET CITY at the final of the competition. JET CITY is a city sanitary system developed specifically for Astana city administration. SAP BI experts at JET BI successfully solved the main challenge of the competition: we have created an innovative business - application based on SAP Cloud Platform using the concept of IoT and SAP Analytics Cloud.

JET CITY allows to create digital twins of communal equipment, build a digital model of the city cleaning system, improve the efficiency of automating work of city services, use environmental friendly equipment and other resources, which is especially important for the city residents and for quick response to the emerging weather conditions and difficulties in the road environment.

JET CITY is a solution that will speed up the process of digital transformation of the economy and business, and once again confirms and demonstrates JET BI expertise.

Find JET CITY video presentation below. Give "likes" and subscribe to JET BI YouTube channel.

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