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11 January 2017

Christmas and a New Year is a special time ... Each of us is in the hope of bright and promising future; each of us sets new goals and is looking forward to the new opportunities.
One of the missions of our company is to provide charitable assistance to the people and organizations in need. Each year, founders of JET BI tend to support ill children who may not survive without expensive surgery or help people who need a significant amount of money for necessary treatment. 

The end of the year 2016 was also marked with a good thing. This time the search and rescue team "Angel" was provided with the financial support. It is the first voluntary movement in Belarus whose aim is the search assistance of missing people.

The donation will be used to purchase GPS-trackers for people with memory loss. Thus, it can help save the lives of people suffering from a severe illness, which got lost in woods, mountains or in the city and cannot return home.

Providing charity assistance for JET BI is primarily an expression of personal involvement and compassion on the other`s grief, as well as a desire to help.

Looking back and evaluating results of charity work, we can only reiterate that even a little help of the one person can make a great contribution to saving someone's life. Only together we can do more!!!

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