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TIBO 2017 - innovations and ICT trends under one roof

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20 April 2017

TIBO-2017, the XXIV international specialized forum, opened its doors to companies acting in the field of telecommunications, information and banking technologies once again. This year the largest Belarusian and foreign companies presented solutions in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, telemetry, virtual reality (VR).

JET BI presented its solution Parking Cloud, developed on SAP Cloud Platform and powered by IoT sensors. The solution enables real-time analysis of information coming from sensors. This data eases the processes of decisions making. As of today, there are several use cases of the application: municipal services can use the Parking Cloud to optimize traffic police services and identify violations of parking rules; Owners of logistics companies and organizations with large parking areas apply the application to increase the efficiency of the parking space use; Car owners get the opportunity not only to find a free parking space next to the house or office quickly, but they will also be able to take a shortcut to the desired parking lot, thus saving time and fuel.

This year the Forum will be held from 18 to 21 April, according to organizers, more than 100 companies and organizations from 17 countries take part in the exhibition and present their solutions.

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