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Smart city Hackathon 2019

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23 October 2019

Today we would like to share our experience of participating in the "Smart cities" Hackathon.

A couple of weeks before the event, we have found out that Smart City Hackaton, a hackathon promoting smart city technologies and ideas, will take place soon. We decided to take a great chance to demonstrate our ideas and solutions that may improve processes in a city. Parking solution, solutions for tracking cleaning cars and for managing capital construction, e.g..It is well-known that a hackathon is a great opportunity to refine the idea and present it to the bright audience, mentors, as well as to find like-minded people.

The guys from JET BI SAP department decided - let's go.

We decided to finalize and refine the Parking Cloud project - a parking solution for smart cities.

Then we were faced with the question of what exactly we want to do during the hackathon, what to present at the final performance. As a result of a brainstorming session, our team discussed the most interesting ideas and created a plan for their implementation.

We had to configure parking sensors, implement processing functionality for incoming data, and build 2 applications: one for the parking administrator and the second one for the driver. It was also necessary to put these applications into the portal, where everyone could get familiar with their realization.

By the way, there are several meetings during the hackathon that are aimed to demonstrate what has been developed since the last meeting and to receive feedback from mentors.

For example, on Friday evening (at the opening), we presented our ideas to the audience. Thanks to this we attracted two like-minded people who later helped us refine the business model, search for new implementation ways and create a presentation.

Already on Saturday we demonstrated to mentors a web application for the parking administrator, and on Sunday we were able to demonstrate the app for the end-user. By this time, we have integrated the sensor with the back-end which enabled us to monitor changes in parking data in real-time.

Preparing a presentation and speaking out at the final pitch has become an exciting part of teamwork as well.

To round up, we would like to say that our team has received a unique experience, we have gathered lots of pretty interesting ideas for the further development of the project.

Thanks to Imaguru team for organizing the event! Enjoy a short video from the event.

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