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19 September 2018

Great news - the innovative JET BI solution for automating the work of public utilities on the basis of SAP Cloud Platform has been shortlisted for the final of SAP Coder 2018 competition.

The solution allows to create digital twins of communal equipment, build a digital model of the city cleaning system, improve the efficiency of automating work of city services, use environmental friendly equipment and other resources, which is especially important for the city residents and for quick response to the emerging weather conditions and difficulties in the road environment.

One of the important elements of this solution is the integration of the system core and communal equipment via SAP IoT service.

The developed solution covers in full all the necessary processes of this component of a 'smart city'. Within the framework of the solution, tools and dashboards, master-data system, setting of cleaning routes, interfaces for direct interaction with drivers are implemented.

Citizens are granted with a separate portal Public Astana, which allows them to register appeals and feedbacks on the quality of urban services.

Our team used SAP Analytics Cloud to develop an analytical system with blocks of reports specially for Akimat. In addition, the offered solution makes it possible to simplify the interaction and work of drivers by using special software on mobile tablets.

We congratulate the team of JET BI specialists, real experts in SAP Cloud Platform: Christina, Darya, Kirill, Anastasiya, Andrew and Anton with this outstanding success.

The decision has been already demonstrated at the first stage of the competition and received the best ratings in its category.

The next benchmark for JET BI team will be the presentation of the solution at the final event of the contest, which will be held in Moscow on October 10.

We are waiting for the news and pilot projects of Smart City from the team JET BI.

Do you want to know more about the solution developed by JET BI team at the contest SAP Coder 2018? Watch the competitive demonstration of the effective street cleaning system in the Smart City on our Youtube channel.

SAP Coder is a contest organized by SAP office in CIS. Participants must solve one of the set of business tasks by creating an application based on SAP Cloud Platform.

Akimat - regional executive authority in Kazakhstan, district state administration in Kazakhstan.

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