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Salesforce Meetup#3 in Belarus: Keynotes

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25 July 2018

We have great news - JET BI has become an official partner of Event Space! This means that all the Meetups of the Salesforce Professionals Belarus community are going to be organized with engagement and initiative of JET BI team.

Now get to the point. On July 18, the third Salesforce Meetup took place in Minsk. The event was gathered more than 150 like-minded people who have discussed the latest news and features from the Salesforce world, as well as share their experience with newcomers.

Sergey Kochanovsky delivered a report about "External JS Libraries and Lightning". He pointed out possibilities of using external JS libraries while developing the Lightning Component, turned attention to the pros and cons of this approach, as well as told about nuances that require attention at the very beginning of development. Moreover, Sergey demonstrated examples of the real usage of JS libraries for drawing charts and maps in Lightning Components.

Andrey Dedovets forcefully demonstrated and proved that Salesforce DX CLI, nowadays, is an indispensable tool for solving everyday tasks and allows developers to save the most valuable IT resource - time.

If you missed the event but want to know more about introduced presentations -  go to this link and find the video record of the Salesforce Meetup # 3 in Belarus.

Many thanks to everyone who was with JET BI during Salesforce Meetup # 3! Follow us on the social media and do not miss the next meeting of Salesforce Professionals Belarus. Dreamforce 2018 Keynotes will be on the agenda next time! The JET BI team are going to present and discuss the most exciting news that will be brought right from San Francisco.

See you on October 4!

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