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Salesforce Developers Course 2017 wrapped up

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12 December 2017

The Salesforce Developers Course 2017, kicked off in November, has now been completed.

Six of more than twenty students have successfully completed the course and passed the final exam on Saturday, 9 December. We are happy to hand in certificates to those who are keen on building career in Salesforce area. Within 5 weeks students worked hard and studied topics that are essential to understand development principles on Salesforce platform. Starting with Cloud Computing in general, course attendees get to the heart of Salesforce Lightning® experience and security issues.

As mentioned one of the tutors, Denis Shpilevsky,

All the topics included into the course were carefully analyzed and screened over. We wanted to include only relevant issues that really matter while working on the live project. As a result, we`ve created a kind of knowledge quintessence that will support the course attendees in their further practical work.

The lessons were held in the Belarusian state university of Informatics and Radioelectronics as well as in the office JET BI. Students also were able to communicate with lectors online.   

The course came to the close and we are proud that our students have many intentions on how to apply the acquired knowledge.

We have available resources to start working on your project within 5 business days

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1 Admin

2 QA engineers

1 Consultant