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Salesforce Developer Course was successfully completed

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Published by jetbi
16 March 2021

Salesforce Developer course organized by the JET BI team came to a close with the final exam on March 14. The course is aimed for beginners who want to develop in the Salesforce direction.

This time the course turned out to be special, in a sense even international. The lessons brought together developers from both Belarus and Ukraine. The new realities dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic have also made changes to the format of lessons. All classes were delivered online. However, it is felt that both lecturers and listeners have been already accustomed to virtual communication and that regular meetings through the monitor of a computer have become familiar to each of us.



Starting on February 9, 27 preselected trainees rolled into the course and immersed themselves in the world of Salesforce. Within a  month, all the guys really worked hard to quickly learn the basic concepts and features of acting within Salesforce ecosystem. The course program included, but was not limited to, the following topics: APEX programming language, Lightning, Data Modeling, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Salesforce Automation, Salesforce Einstein.

The final test was a practical task and an exam that simulated a real business problem. We are very happy to note that 3 listeners have successfully dealed with all the assigned tasks. Soon, they will receive a job offer to join the JET BI team and participate in real projects.



Artem Turovets, JET BI Project Manager:

Thanks to all the guys who made an effort and demonstrated their interest in taking the course. The final result powered us up with a huge amount of positive emotions. In such a short period, the guys acquired skills and knowledge that allowed us to understand each other and communicate in the same technical paradigm. Once again we are convinced that even despite the pandemic, a huge number of talented people are able to demonstrate initiative, courage, perseverance in learning, and we are glad that these talented people have chosen JET BI”.

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