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Salesforce Community Belarus: Meetup#2 Keynotes

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11 April 2018

On April 10, in the EventSpace, the second meetup of the Salesforce Professionals Belarus community took place. It is pleasant to note that the interest to informal professional meetings grows significantly - around 120 people became participants of Salesforce Meetup this time.

Our company has become one of the partners of this event. Eugene Rusalev, JET BI Technical Architect , gave a talk on the  topic “Lightning Framework: 3 years later. Tips and Tricks”. This topic is challenging and meaningful for Salesforce-developers of different levels, who have heard about Lightning a lot, but were afraid of trying it. Eugene shared real experience, tips and tricks, explained some important features of the development on the Lightning Framework. We are sure that many of the developers will leave the "comfort zone" and will use Lightning on their projects.

For those who could not spend the Tuesday evening in the EventSpace, but who want to be aware of the Salesforce community events and to develop in the field of Salesforce, we publish the presentation by Eugene Rusavev in the pdf- format. Moreover, the video recording of the speaker's speech will be available on our youtube channel soon. So follow JET BI!

The next speaker,  iTechArt Group Salesforce Developer the iTechArt Group, Alexei Yezhkov, prepared the presentation on the "Salesforce Platform Events" topic that covered the following points:

  • What are Platform Events and why to use them;
  • How to work with Platform Events and what do you need to take into account;
  • Demo;
  • Roadmap.

The overview of the new Salesforce feature was interesting for both the experienced Salesforce Developers, and for those who have just started working with CRM #1 in the world. You have a little left to do - to use Platform Events on projects.

A new format of knowledge sharing was launched at the Meetup - "open microphone". Participants could tell about way-out solutions on their project, share interesting thoughts and feelings on the Salesforce topic in the convenient manner. The new format of the networking will be!

At the end of the meeting, speakers received memorable Salesforce branded gifts from JET BI.

Many thanks to everyone who was with JET BI during the second Salesforce meetup! It was cool to be a part of such an awesome event. Follow us on the social media and do not miss the next meeting of Salesforce Professionals Belarus. Stay always on the top with the JET BI team!

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