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Retrospective of the training Power Of Interview. Customer Interview Techniques

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Published by jetbi
03 March 2021

Interviewing skills are needed at every stage of a project: testing hypotheses for new products, gathering customer requirements, collecting feedback on the results of a completed project, and many others. These are all critical steps that affect the success of the project itself.

JET BI team went to improve their knowledge to the training Power Of Interview. Customer Interview Techniques.


“I would like to get a detailed overview of the preparation process for the interview, the techniques of interaction with different clients, practice of working with difficult respondents, to learn life hacks for processing the results and preparing conclusions” - training participant Maria shares her goals.

We would like to share the most important ideas in our opinion that can be used to improve the interview process in almost all business segments.

The training covered two aspects of interviewing:

1. Validating and Curiosity questions, the purpose of using them in surveys, pros, and cons;


2. Technique 5W and 1H. The main postulate of this technique is that in order to collect material on any question from the respondent, you need to ask him at least the following questions:

  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Who?
  • Why?
  • How?


“I especially liked that it was a full-fledged online training, in no way inferior to the offline format. The organizers skillfully moved the participants between the Zoom meeting rooms, giving them the opportunity to work out the material in pairs and groups, and also used the chatbot to work out the material on Validating and Curiosity questions, ” - Kate shares her impressions.

Participant Anna found the theoretical part useful and focused on putting the skills into practice. We have worked out techniques that allow us to capture the opinions and ideas of clients as much as possible during the interview. On the one hand, the toolkit allows respondents to feel comfortable focusing on the purpose of the interview, and interviewers to get the best results for the company conducting the research.

Event Power Of Interview. Customer Interview Techniques from UXPressia helped the JET BI team to train new techniques and broaden the network.


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