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QA course 2018 is over

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10 January 2018

On December 22 took place the final exam of the JET BI QA and software testing courses.

In October 2018, we announced the start of the course for those who want to work as a QA engineer. The courses were held twice a week on the basis of the JET BI laboratory at BSUIR.

Only 25 students of 200 were selected to start the course. They began the studies on November 19. The exam became the final stage of the course. According to its results, 14 attendees received certificates, 6 students were invited for a two-week internship at the company as the most diligent and hardworking people. The students will have a chance to become a part of JET BI team after the internship.

Alexander Belozor, Head of QA Department noted that the time went very quickly, and both the students and the teachers enjoyed the courses.

“When explaining the theory, we introduced practical examples for a better perception of information. An IoT project was selected as a practical task. We applied a team approach to work on the project which allowed students to work not only independently, but also in groups. Examination - the final stage of the courses, gave a chance to students to demonstrate the results of the work they have done”, said Alexander.

In the spring we plan to make the next set of the Quality Assurance and software testing courses, where we will share the knowledge of our experts and bring students closer to the dream of working in IT. Follow our news updates to get a chance to build a career in IT.

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