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Parking Cloud for Bicycles? Why not!

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Published by admin
04 October 2019

On the way to Dreamforce we see demand for JET BI Parking Cloud smart parking with the native Salesforce cloud solution powered by the cutting-edge IoT infrastructure. 

Fast implementation 1 day for 50 parking lots including sensors that run 5 for years on the battery, 3 miles’ signal range; up to 100k sensors management by one base station$; supports up to 10-100 000 parking sensors; Integration with other CRM and Service cloud, 3rd party payment gateways.

As to the latest statistics about 30% of the city traffic is caused by car drivers looking for a parking place. Our solution enables easy parking without stress and ensures reduction of pollution and enhances traffic compliance.

Solution suites:

  • Enterprises
  • Municipalities
  • Police departments 

Find out more use cases of our Parking solution.


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