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Journey through the theatre

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19 February 2018

The theatre is certainly one of the most spectacular and fascinating arts. The variety of genres and topics attracts both adults and children. A perfect idea to gather our JET BI team together with their kids and to enjoy the time.

The National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus opened its doors and invited us to an exciting journey through the most interesting and hidden corners of the theatre, where even the most ardent theatergoers do not always manage to look at. We came to be behind the scenes. We managed to visit the big and small theatre stages; we saw how the make-up room look like, tried on costumes of cult performances. Thanks to the exciting story of our guide, we learned many facts from the life of the theater, as well as from the history of the Belarusian theatrical art.

Small spectators will especially remember the dazzling final of the program - musical performance of the Philharmonic Orchestra and the fabulous children play. Violins, cellos, violas accompanied by a drum and piano, and then amazing sounds of playing glasses and ... a real saw. The musicians have proved to the children that classical music is anything else but boring. No one took their eyes off from the artists performing in front of our spectators. Bright costumes, smiling faces and a charge of positive emotions will definitely stick on children’s’ and parents’ memory for a long time.

It is especially pleasant to note that enabled children with autism to join the theater world. We believe that inclusive events like this one will help both children with developmental challenges and their parents feel part of a society that does not turn a blind eye to the problems of autism.

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