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JET BI at SAP CIS Partner Forum in Moscow

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14 February 2018

On February 13 JET BI took part in the Partner Forum, organized by SAP CIS in Moscow. For the first time, the annual meeting of employees (SAP CIS All-hands) and the Partner Forum were held within the framework of a single event. The main objective set by the organizers was to erase the boundaries within the SAP ecosystem and to bring interaction with customers to the even higher level.

The program of the event was divided into two parallel sectors - a section for employees and a section for partners. Both parts turned out to be very rich and informative. The program for employees covered, in the first place, the topic of HR strategy SAP CIS. Q&A sessions enabled all attendees to receive answers to a wide variety of questions.

The program for partners explored issues such as marketing strategy and cooperation with partners, as well as a model of the efficient work with clients.

At the end of the evening, all participants got the opportunity to network, share experience and discuss past sessions during the evening reception.

The partnership forum ended with a large-scale show program for all guests.

Partner Forum SAP CIS


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