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JET BI Learning: Salesforce Developers Meetup

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21 March 2019

JET BI is a real "Process Enterprise": we encourage people’s creativity, innovations and desire to learn how to provide effective teamwork and best-in-class solutions for our clients. We held the third internal Meetup for Salesforce developers, where JET BI experts shared their practical experience, answered questions and had a great team networking.

From overview to details:

At the meetup, the Salesforce developers team dived into the essentials of a new Salesforce framework "Lightning web components"  presented by Alexander Kozlov. The speaker spotlighted the comparative analysis of Lightning components and Lightning web components.  Meetup participants also discussed possibilities of how to replace VF pages in iFrame to web components. Designing a project architecture, there are situations when VF pages are embedded in the Lightning component, for example, when you need to use External JS libraries or to work with PDF, however, you can embed Web components in Lightning and this implementation variant is better than with VF pages — this will refuse to use iFrame.

Worth saying, this is a meaningful and relevant topic in the Salesforce world nowadays, and we will definitely return to its discussion as it will be practically implemented on the projects.

Nikolai Lasch, JET BI Salesforce developer,  delivered a presentation and useful tips on integration of Heroku REST service app with Salesforce. This topic was analyzed circumstantially with examples based on the experience of working with the Heroku REST service on Smart WorkSpace project -  IoT solution for office space management designed by JET BI.

He pointed out the advantages of using Heroku when creating project architecture and parsed code examples and implementation methods with the team in details.

JET BI team always improves skills and shares the experience to develop even better business solutions and provide high-quality Salesforce services worldwide. Find prooves of JET BI expertise here.

Contact us and we develop a fast and secure Salesforce solution that will save your time, increase business revenue and brand your company as the industry leader!

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