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JET BI gives the warmth to children with autism

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31 October 2017

Last Saturday we had a good time together with parents and children, members of the charity organization "Children. Autism. Parents". In a warm and friendly atmosphere of the inclusive center, we spent time with the kids, talked with their parents and discussed plans for further work. Particularly, next steps of the project Sport-Inclusion, organized with the participation of swimming club of Alexandra Gerasimenya.

It is very pleasant to note that JET BI employees, representatives of different departments demonstrated a lively interest to the corporate charitable activities and took part in the meeting. Head of the QA department, Alexander Belozor, brought his daughter to the meeting and pointed out that the support of children with autism and the assistance of ICPO 'Children. Autism. Parents' is a very praiseworthy initiative.

I am happy to realize that JET BI supports things like this. I also am glad to contribute to the strengthening of cooperation. Communication with children and parents really helped me to take a different look at this problem.

Beautiful autumn sun, homemade pastries, lovingly cooked by moms, as well as a photo session with Alexandra Gerasimenya, Belarusian Olympic medalists in swimming, made the Saturday morning even lighter and warmer for all attendees.

Meeting at the Center of Inclusive Development

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