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JET BI experts will take part in the conference ‘SAP solutions in the field of Internet of Things’

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23 November 2017

JET BI experts will take part in the conference ‘SAP solutions in the field of Internet of Things’, which will take place on 1 and 2 December in Minsk.

The event participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the concept of the IoT, to get insight about the scenarios and solutions based on this technology, and to develop their own IoT-class application.

The concept of the Internet of things becomes each day a bigger part of our lives, discovering new, limitless opportunities not only to companies of the private and public sectors but also to ordinary people. IoT technologies allow to read and analyze huge amounts of information and to gather them together.

During the conference, experts will answer relevant questions:

  • What is the Internet of Things and what are the prospects for the development of this concept at the global and the local level?
  • Which industries can gain the maximum benefit from the introduction of IoT technologies?
  • How global companies from different industry sectors already use the limitless possibilities of information coming from the sensors?
  • Where to start implementation of IoT-project and what issues should be considered?
  • What scenarios exist and what benefits accrue to the company from the use of SAP solutions for the IoT?

Within the first day, in addition to expert presentations, a panel discussion will be held, during which the participants will discuss how to begin IoT-projects, what goals should be set and what results should be expected as a result of the implementation.

In the second day the practice session is scheduled. During the session all attendees will be able to create an application for data collection and transmission to the IoT-sensors based on SAP HANA Cloud platform.

Learn more about the program and register for the event at the SAP page:

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