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JET BI corporate weekends

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09 July 2018

IT- bicycle quest, rafting in canoe, cycling in the pine forest, traditional games and dances of Ivan Kupala holiday is a preview of the story how JET BI held the summer corporate party.

This year celebration of JET BI summer corporate party coincided with Ivan Kupala national holiday. We went to the bank of the river Vilia where during two days we were actively studying forest and water routes, conquering the peaks on the bungee jump and opening dancing and creative abilities of the whole team. Bicycle quest has once again proved that  JET BI specialists are awesome in any situation: we went through 6 forest routes and solved more than 20 logical tasks.

Summer corporate party is not only a teambuilding event but also time when it is possible to sum up the interim results of the year, highlight the most active and creative employees. And we did it!

It was a pleasure to announce and award the main winner and all participants of the video competition - "My Life is JET BI". The first place was taken by the video which was presented by Salesforce Development Team - visit our YouTube channel and find the winner's video.

We thank everyone for participation. All the videos are creative, energetic and, most importantly, they are related to life in our company.

There were many surprises, gifts, kind words and wishes during these corporate weekends. We are sure that these days will turn into good memories for each member of JET BI team, and a positive charge of emotions will suffice for many more working days ahead.

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