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JET BI celebrated Defender of the Fatherland Day

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26 February 2019

On February 22, we congratulated men of JET BI on Defender of the Fatherland Day.

We wanted to make the holiday special. Congratulations to our men started at the office and continued at FORSAGE “Uruchye” сarting center, where we found out the fastest JET BI racer.

Experienced instructors and administrators helped us feel confident on the track and show the maximum of the capabilities. During the first races the leaders, who showed the least time to travel one lap, were determined. Dmitry Korotsev, JET BI business-analyst, became the fastest racer in the company. Congratulations to Dmitry on the victory!

In addition to racing, the guys had fun while chatting with colleagues, playing PlayStation and practicing air gun shooting.

We thank the whole JET BI team for adrenaline and positive emotions which we have experienced together. Sure, the next JET BI holiday will bring even more fun!

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