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JET BI Capacity Manual Booking overview

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21 December 2018

The problem:

JET BI Project Management team is constantly trying to keep track of the current workload of the company’s employees. This is important for evenly scheduling resources for specific projects. Such a check takes a lot of time to collect and store all the necessary information about each employee.

The solution:

JET BI provided an internal solution based on Salesforce for quick and easy tracking and management of employee’s load - Capacity Manual Booking. This is an excellent portal designed to improve the performance of a company.

With Capacity Manual Booking you can easily track workload of each employee of your company, keep an eye on the projects they are involved in, and manage the load percentage for weeks or even months. The solution also allows using such filters as Project Role and Team Leader.

Now there is no need to request any confirmation of the employees’ loading from their Team Leaders. Each Team Leader can independently manage his team. With Capacity Manual Booking Tool each crew member can check its loading for a week and plan the work for maximum performance.

Easy logging in via Google redirects you to the portal main page:


Add projects for your employee and track week loading percentage:


Filter your employees for a fast search:



Use copy mode for better data filling:


In addition, Capacity Manual Booking allows you to copy information from previous week for a single employee:


As well as for all employees:


Click a monthly button to change the view:


Monthly view allows you to add project and percent of loading for an employee for the whole week:


Turn off "Show details" mode to switch to consolidated view:


Troubles with tracking employees` workload? Contact JET BI to schedule Capacity Manual Booking DEMO!

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