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IoT Focus Minsk 2019

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02 June 2019

JET BI team visited the case-conference "IoT Focus Minsk 2019" organized to share experience about  development and implementation of Internet of Things solutions.

Particular attention was paid to such topics as realization of IoT scenarios in the cloud, software development for IoT-projects, IoT-devices and data safety. Also the best practices of IoT development and implementation, machine learning of IoT-devices were highlighted.

Particularly, demo workshops on recommended concept creation of IoT-solutions and on popular algorithms recommended for using in IoT-systems seemed us especially useful. Within some practical trainings  NodeMCU has been used. It is a platform on the basis of the ESP8266 module. The cardis intended r to manage different schemes remotely by means of a signal transmission to the local network or to the Internet through Wi-Fi connection.

The most entertaining session became a demo session presenting the newest developments based on the Internet of Things technology and demonstrating prototypes. Let's go through some exposures in more detail:

The telematics educational stand prepared by the Technoton company imitated work of a vehicle, all its sensors, as well as their interaction with a data monitoring system. he stand would be really interesting to students who want to receive practical skills of integration and setup of vehicles monitoring systems that actively gain popularity nowadays.

Special attention was paid to the "smart" crib from the company “Happiest Baby” which was developed by the Belarusian company "Softeq". The Internet of Things technology enables the crib to recognize the noise, to define the child's position and to select the lulung mode depending on the type of sounds. It also can turn on "white noise" mode which imitates the sounds that the child has heard in mother's womb. The cribs connected to parents’ smartphones and can send them notifications, keep statistics of child’s sleep.

Look through the photos from the forum and remain on board JET BI.

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