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The first QA internship is completed in JET BI

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Published by jetbi
23 June 2021

Last week, the QA internship at JET BI ended. For 5 weeks 12 selected interns from 170 nominees were trained in the company in the basics of Salesforce and QA. As before, the training was held in an online format, with assignments and meetings with curators.

This time, JET BI experts prepared an intense program for trainees in 3 stages, thus only the best of the best could reach the end. The main topics during the internship were as follows: "The Salesforce platform application areas and opportunities”, "Working with task-test management systems", " Performing tasks related to Salesforce Administration”.

During the lectures, the students learned how to work with Salesforce, performed a pre-compiled Trailhead list, got acquainted with the Jira task management system and the Jira Xray test management system. All the tasks during the internship were completed in these two programs, so the trainees were able to fully apply all the knowledge they gained in practice. Also, the interns were given the opportunity to perform a practical task using Salesforce tools: setting up and testing a real company project implemented on the Salesforce platform.

Andrey Efremenko, QA Team Lead:

"I would like to thank everyone who took part in the internship and especially those who reached the end. It seems to me that the idea of conducting an internship was justified since it was based on the need for Junior QA. The interview process had a number of drawbacks, from which it was decided to conduct an internship. Most of the company's employees have been working remotely for more than a year, so there were no questions about the format of the internship. The tasks that the internship consisted of were as close as possible to those performed by a QA Engineer after getting a job at JET BI, which is an undeniable plus since at first everyone who comes to the company, regardless of the Junior/Middle/Senior level, has to get acquainted with Salesforce (if the person did not work with this product before) and only then start working.

I hope that the acquired skills and experience will help the trainees achieve their main goal - to successfully realize themselves in a new profession. Someone will be lucky to take the first steps in a new profession in JET BI in the near future!"

Thank you to all the curators and interns for this time!


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