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First "IoT and VR for business" meetup took place

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20 February 2019

On February 15, first IoT and VR Meetup for business took place in JET BI laboratory in BSUIR.

Students and employees of JET BI gathered to talk about the application of IoT and VR technologies on the example of real cases.

Julia Solomenko, Project Manager at JET BI, told how to reduce drivers' time to search for a parking space using Parking Cloud solution, and demonstrated smart sensors that are used to operate parking.

Maria Liferova, Project Manager at JET BI, and Nikolay Lasch, JET BI Salesforce Developer, talked about the project Smart Workspace. Thanks to the use of autonomous and energy-efficient motion sensors, the solution saves costs for office space and equipment due to their efficient use.

The founder of GKeyLab, Kirill Krasnogir and experts from JET BI, Maria Boiko and Denis Shpilevsky presented joint solution VR CRM in Real Estate. The idea of the project is to analyze consumer’s behavior and predict demand in real estate using VR glasses and neuro sensors. The speakers touched on both success and difficulties they had to deal with while working on the project. Everyone, who was interested, had a live-demo using VR glasses and learnt how the seen information was interpreted in Salesforce CRM.

Thanks to everyone who took part in IoT and VR for business meetup! Keep reading our news to learn the latest trends of IoT and VR technologies from JET BI team!



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