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Final session of QA seminars

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26 April 2018

On Friday, March 23, we completed the session of QA department seminars at JET BI. The internal process of education has allowed quality engineers to look at the testing process from the outside: to see advantages and disadvantages of the workflow, to learn the subtleties of specific testing tools, to identify the direction of professional development and of course to share opinions with colleagues on topics of interest.

The following questions were presented by QA-team:

1. Stages of the testing in the company. Planning of working hours;

2. Documentation testing. Communication with the team;

3. Functional testing. Communication with customer;

4. Automated testing.

5. Mobile Application Testing. Integration Testing.

QA-specialists are faced with these issues and tasks every day and it is essential to get a new, fresh look at the decision-making process and teamwork. 

As Head of Quality Assurance Department, Alexander Belozor, highlighted,

The experience of internal  seminars contributed to the confidence improvement of team  not only while the material presentation, but also while communicating with customers.

QA-department specialists developed a guideline for the presentation of professional knowledge, skills and abilities that will increase the effectiveness of future workshops and will enlarge the scale of such meetups at department level across the whole company.

Internal seminar is a great way to communicate with your team on work issues in the casual and homelike atmosphere. Everybody knows: the key to productive and efficient work is cheerful and optimistic mood.

New achievements are ahead! Put your knowledge to use!


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