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Field Service Lightning, Einstein Analytics, Financial Services Cloud

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18 December 2018

JET BI is always striving to keep up to date with the latest trends. We are happy to introduce new service lines we have launched to provide even more comprehensive customer experience.

Field Service Lightning

Field Service Lightning is a Salesforce® tool, specially developed for companies, which employ specialists in a number of industries, such as utilities and transportation, telecommunications, waste management, financial services, retail, professional services, manufacturing, child care and others.

The solution coordinates the field operations: scheduling appointments, tracking vehicle locations, checking the product stock, coordination of communication with the team, real-time analytics and reporting.

Einstein Analytics

With an increasing number of collected data, there is a need to increase analytics volume. It’s impossible for a person to make a manual analysis of all the data stored. Einstein Analytics allows increasing analysis of information by using artificial intelligence(AI).

Sales, marketing, service will broaden their opportunities as they will get more information without building difficult mathematic models. They can analyze all the deals they have ever taken.

Moreover, Einstein Analytics allows to see the complete model and algorithms for better analysis understanding. Einstein Discovery allows to analyze billions of data combinations and provides users with recommendations on which action need to be taken.

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud is an industry-specific Salesforce® CRM developed for companies, who strive to use all the ways to guide clients on a journey to achieve their financial goals.

The solution is developed for such fields of financial industry as:

  • Retail Banking;
  • Wealth Management;
  • Insurance Property& Casuality;
  • Insurance Life& Annuities.

With Salesforce® Financial Service Cloud, employees can easily find new opportunities to engage prospects, get more leads and have customers for life. The solution allows to see clients’ financial profiles, learn the wealth of their families, analyzes the financial products they have been using. It’s all about the customer being in the center of each interaction. The new solution allows companies to work faster than ever with Einstein Analytics artificial intelligence.

Are you thinking about enhancing your business with one of the mentioned solutions? Our experts will give you a deep understanding of Field Service Lightning, Financial Services Cloud and Einstein Analytics. Contact us today!


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