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Double graduation of JET BI courses

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20 December 2019

Just a month to start a new profession? This is reality! Two courses organized by JET BI have completed last week. Six guys became closer to the set goal.  

On December 14 took place the final exam of the Salesforce Developer course. On December 18 we have presented certificates to the graduates of the course SAP UI5 development on the basis of SAP Cloud Platform. 

All six graduates join the JET BI team as trainees in the nearest future. Those of them who demonstrate most of the passion and diligence turn into JET BI employees after the internship.  

Each time we organize a course we do a lot of work. Starting with Heads of corresponding departments and ending with tons of HR work. That is why we are super proud of each graduate. Our speakers consider each "finalist" as a potential employee, this motivates us to create an atmosphere similar to that one in JET BI office.  

It is great that we have managed to create a loyal and relaxed atmosphere. Initially, we did not have a relationship in which speakers would act like "tough guys'' and listeners would be "greenhorns".  I think such approach contribute to friendly terms and development of team spirit. For sure, all of this will support guys when working on real projects, - confirms the organizer of SAP UI5 course Mikhail Gorelyshev.

We would pay extra attention to the insistence demonstrated by each of the graduates when attending the courses. A big, maybe the biggest part of the work, corresponds to the homework and self-study.

Our team is pleased to welcome newly arrived JET BI team members.

We have available resources to start working on your project within 5 business days

1 UX Designer

1 Admin

2 QA engineers

1 Consultant