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Build unique sales pitch with Conversayit

About Us
Published by admin
27 December 2018

Are you a real expert in sales or clients service support and want to share your expertise with teammates, subordinates so they will avoid most common mistakes?

What if you can easily create and tailor unique conversation scripts with plenty of alternative scenarios and possible outcomes, revert to a conversation history any time you need in the future? We are developing your dream application right now! 

Conversayit is a responsive Lightning-ready Salesforce application, which can be used directly from Cases, Opportunities or Contacts layouts without being distracted from a client's personal information.

Combine your best practices into sales or support scripts, categorize them, assign scores to the best outcomes, share only with those who need access, report and analyze calls history, close deals faster and provide better service!

Contact us today and get premium support within the first 30 days!


We have available resources to start working on your project within 5 business days

1 UX Designer


1 Admin


2 QA engineers


1 Consultant


Steps following request submission



After receiving your request, we analyze it and we offer free online meeting slots (via email) so that we can discuss your needs in as much detail as possible


We begin gathering all necessary requirements to create comprehensive estimates, including timelines, resource allocations, risk assessments, and underlying assumptions.


Once all preparations are in place, we will initiate the project and move forward with the planned tasks