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'Best of 2016' New Year Celebration

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19 December 2016

Late December can be rightly considered as the most "corporate" month of the year. Every company aims to please employees in the run-up to the New Year and to thank them for the excellent work within the past year.

JET BI team does not limit the geography of celebration, so we decided to welcome the coming year really brightly and went to the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg.

All, without exception, those who visited the city for the first time, and those who had already visited the "city of bridges", got a lot of impressions, saw the historical heritage of the city on the Neva River, admired the wonderful panorama of the snowy St. Petersburg.

What a corporate party without a fun-filled joined celebration with co-workers? Saturday evening we spent in a restaurant, watching the passing year, summing up the work done and speculating about the prospects for the coming year.

Festive cocktails mixing, dancing in different nations` style, rewarding of the most successful employees of the year and, of course, gorgeous cake added bright impressions and joyful moments to celebrating. In moments like these becomes clear that it is the people that make the company. JET BI employees proved once again that we are not just business intelligence experts, we have a close-knit team in which everyone is a part of a whole.

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