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2. Coffee Break with Co-founders

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15 May 2020

Team spirit and clear understanding of the current situation at the company really matter at this uncertain time when employees work remotely and do not have any opportunity to everyday face-to-face communication. 

On May, 13 JET BI co-founders held the second online coffee break with employees to share with everybody the thought about the ongoing situation and explain their vision for the near-term prospects.

The event consisted of two parts. In the beginning, JET BI's CEO, Andrey Tankevich provided insights on the company's state of the art. He touched upon such exciting issues as an increase in salary and regularly bonuses pay-off, financial compensation of the corporate courses. 

In the second part of the coffee-break co-founders answered questions asked by employees. The questions were related both to business (e.g. JET BI positioning during the COVID19 pandemic) and to the personal life of co-founders (What do you miss the most from the pre-quarantine time?)

The coolest thing about these online meetings is the fact that you can see all the team together, talk to the company's key persons, ask hot questions, and get first-hand answers to them. 

And of course, the most delicious part. Each employee got a set with a tasty dessert before the meeting. Thus, we all enjoyed the flavored baking and exciting conversation.

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