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12 students have passed final exam at SAP BI course by JET BI BSUIR

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08 November 2018

JET BI has completed another SAP BI training at JET BI Laboratory at BSUIR: 12 students accomplished the final test and practical exam on the 2nd of November.

The following topics were covered by the course:

-Business Analytics as a part of Enterprise Management Systems and business processes;

- Data warehousing basics;

- Data modeling in SAP BW;

- Multidimensional data-models in SAP BW;

- Data Extraction Transformation and Load(ETL) in SAP Business Warehouse; 

- Basics BEx Query Designer;

-Reporting and data-analytics;

-A practical task on data-modeling and reporting Congratulations to all participants! 8 students have received a job-offer decided to continue their career with JET BI as SAP BI Consultants.

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