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Mobile reporting allows users to access BI reports via mobile devices. Access to business intelligence functionality from mobile devices allows managers or business owners to control the business and make the decisions while being in any place any time.

In many cases mobile reports are implemented in the form of managers dashboards, which reflect all KPIs of the company or departments. In case of the problem with any KPI (e.g. deviation from the plan, exceeding the threshold, etc.) this information is highlighted so that it is easier to identify the problem and make the decision. The manager can drill-down to see a detailed report to identified root-cause of the problem and responsible person to delegate the issue.

In addition to managers, mobile reporting can be in demand for employees who work mainly outside of the office and don't have the possibility to use full-size reports and devices. Availability of mobile reports allows performing business tasks from any place leveraging advantages of mobile devices (geo-location integration, personalization, instant messaging, multimedia capabilities, etc.)


SAP Business Objects Mobile Apps - stay in touch with all corporate BI-solutions anywhere and anytime.

JET BI will help you to develop App on SAP and SAP HANA, which allows you: always have on hand relevant KPI, make fast, reasonable and well-founded decisions, fast reaction and company work adjustment.

Business Object Mobile from SAP provides secure authorized access to reports from mobile devices. Employees promptly receive the necessary information in a convenient format. Managers and analysts are able to work from anywhere in the world with up-to-date corporate information. These solutions allow managing your business in real-time in a constantly changing business environment.

Apps allow implementing:

  • Control effectiveness of a division/department/company;
  • Analyse and investigate BigData;
  • Display main KPI on GeoMap and Location identification;
  • Provide text annotations and share this information with colleagues;
  • Send and exchange reports via email.

We can develop:

  • SAP Business Objects Dashboards, DesignStudio;
  • Informational space and representation SAP Business Object Explorer and SAP Lumira;
  • Web Intelligence reports;
  • Crystal reports;
  • Fiori Apps;
  • We can migrate your previous reports and xCelsius Dashboards to new DesignStudio 1.6 reports, update their functionality, visualisation and presentability.

Business Object Mobile is optimized to work both on large pad screens and small screens of smartphones.

For effective communication and in order to meet the needs and interests of our customer we provide a model of cooperation, which will be effective and meet the interests of both sides.

We can:

  • work on specified tasks or individual reports.

You provide the technical specification, the form or set of business requirements to a single report or a function block - We do all the rest, on the basis of the provided information;

  • develop a full system of Reports and Dashboards for a separate activity sphere, Business Line, or for the whole company;

  • convert and adapt Desktop-reports on their mobile version, adjust the credentials and roles for remote users;

  • optimize and speed up work of existing reports on SAP BO platform;

  • convert your reports and panels on the innovative platform SAP HANA;

  • solve the integration problems, set up and connect to the data from new, previously not used source systems.

We focus on long-term collaboration with all our partners and customers. We are not interested in momentary benefit. We offer strategic cooperation and always ready for a reasonable compromise.

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We develop and implement business intelligence solutions based on SAP BO/BW platform. We also provide the full cycle of Salesforce consulting: Salesforce implementation and customization, support, and ISV solutions. Mobile Development Department focuses on business solutions for iOS and Android. 

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