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Marketing Cloud Spring Release Notes 2020

Category: Salesforce FAQ
Published: April, 16, 2020

The latest Marketing Cloud release is live! We have put together all the main changes and updates you should be aware of. Here is our shortlist.

1) New navigation category of Einstein products. All Einstein products that were in Analytics Builder are now in Marketing Cloud Einstein.

2) Object Refresh Activity Log Enhancements for Synchronized Data Sources. You can now view the Marketing Cloud User, time, and date stamp for who initiated an object refresh in the Activity Log for a Synchronized Object.

Please keep in mind that in the last January release, Marketing Cloud removed the Select All option which allowed users to select all the fields for a synchronization object. Now, you need to choose the necessary fields manually, one by one, with a maximum number of 250 fields; this will increase synchronized data performance and sync time.


3) Marketers who want to gather more information from their subscribers can use the interactive Email Form block (via Content Builder)  to build forms that render directly in a recipient’s email client.  

This feature requires CloudPages.

Please remember that we should first create and publish the CloudPages Interactive Email page and after that configure the Content Builder block.

4) When editing the custom domain associated with their Marketing Cloud account your Content Builder file URLs get now synchronized. Previously when the domain expired, images and documents uploaded to Content Builder failed to render at the associated URL.

5) Email and SMS Quick Send Enhancements. Emails can be sent directly from an opportunity record. SMS messages are sent through Journey Builder using the Mobile Connect Send SMS message activity and are available in all Quick Send workflows except bulk send.

6) Improvements to the Domain Verification notification email - Now the Domain Verification notification email is easier to understand and provides clearer next steps. The From Address Management verification process in Marketing Cloud Setup generates the email.

7) The era of Content Builder.  The creation of classic emails is scheduled for retirement in all Marketing Cloud Email Studio accounts at the beginning of June 2020. The ability to edit classic emails is scheduled for retirement in all Marketing Cloud Email Studio accounts in January 2021.

8) Behavioral Targeting feature. Marketing Cloud users create journeys that increase conversion and reinforce ad campaigns through email messages. With the use of Audience Studio insights it is possible to target customers who browse your website but don’t convert. You can use the template as-is, or modify it to suit your needs.

9) Hi, Einstein! Get Einstein Messaging Insights for Email in Automations. With this extended analysis of automated sends you get the same intelligence as with other send methods.

10) A new level of In-App Engagement with Image Fill feature. The latest version of the Marketing Cloud MobilePush SDK allows users to take an advantage of image fill for in-app messages. Customers who use MobilePush and Journey Builder can now use our full-page In-App template to create engaging messages in Content Builder and Journey Builder. 

11) This update provides incredible opportunities for businesses to set up and adjust the company brand right in Marketing Cloud account. The users are able to customize Marketing Cloud application, login pages, and out-of-the-box profile and preferences via Brand Builder.

We hope you have enjoyed our overview. There are quite a few other features in the March release as well. The above stood out as notable, but check out the rest of the March 2020 Marketing Cloud Release notes


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