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Marketing trends 2020 with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Published: February, 11, 2020

According to Salesforce’s State of Marketing report, about 80% of customers confirm that the experience a company provides is as important as the quality of products and services provided. The research has shown that these numbers will rise in 2020. What does it mean?

Businesses should do their best to align with the customers' expectations and deliver individualized customer experience. Marketing Cloud by Salesforce is a solution that enables marketers to manage 1-to-1 customer journeys through the entire customer lifecycle and create personalized omnichannel customer experience using on one platform numerous data sources and marketing tools. To find more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud give an in-depth look at our landing page.

Today we would like to demonstrate how to use one of the Marketing Cloud tools, Journey Builder when creating connected customer journey - contextualized engagement based on customer data you have in your database. Let's imagine Linda, a marketer, who wants to create a Spring 2020 Promo campaign for a fashion brand. Marketing Cloud lets Linda use company's CRM data (such as names, emails or mobile numbers) to reach the customers and create personalized content. Linda is intent on using to the full the data company has stored in the corporate CRM. On the eve of the spring sale, Linda wants to send a discount code via SMS and Email to all the customers to encourage them to make a purchase. Then Linda is plannings to send a reminder to those clients who do not make a purchase after the first message. To do this, Linda decides to build a Journey from Scratch using data extension entry source and Flow control option “Decision Split”.

Voila! Contacts are progressing through the journey and Linda with her colleagues observing journey’s performance in real time on prebuilt analytical tools like Journey Health dashboard and standard Journey Builder reports.

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