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Developer courses 2018 have completed

We strive for delivering services and products of unmatched quality that make clients happy. But great projects require the awesome team - this is the reason why JET BI sets up courses for Salesforce- interested students.

The Salesforce Developers Course 2018, got going at the end of April, has now been completed. Six of twenty students have successfully completed the course and passed the final exam on 2 June. It is challenging enough to explore and get initial knowledge in Salesforce area just for one month. But as Thomas Edison said, «Success is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration».

The course content was rich and covered both basic concepts of development on Salesforce platform and the latest innovations and features. Starting with Cloud Computing in general, course attendees get to the heart of Salesforce Lightning®, Salesforce Einstein®, and various advanced topics.

All the lessons were held by JET BI experts: Lead-Developers, Technical Architectures and one of JET BI co-founder. All of them have deep expertise in Salesforce area that indicates high - level of knowledge and skills obtained by students. The lessons were held in the Belarusian state university of Informatics and Radioelectronics as well as in the office JET BI. Students also were able to communicate with lectors online.

The students who were the most hardworking and showed the best result at the final exam were given the opportunity to become the part of JET BI team. This means further professional development, exciting and challenging projects, an embodiment of own Salesforce - ideas together with the Dream Team!

Dear students,

We wish you to go further, develop your professional skills and achieve any goals even if they seem to be unobtainable

And remember: «There are no shortcuts to any place worth going»!

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