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How your business can use competitive advantages with JET BI

Published: December, 20, 2016
Advantage solution by JET BI is a product necessary for CEOs, analysts, and sales departments. Advantage can be put to good effect in any business sector: Sales, Banking, Insurance, Industry and Public Health.





Lack of visibility causes unnecessary competition which takes a lot of time and resources.

Advantage depicts your competitors, demonstrates their key strengths and weak sides. All this allows you to make the gainful business decision.

When it comes to the real competition, even great companies are losing it.

Advantage keeps you out of missing any single product in your business area. It informs you of each new product release and conducts its analysis. All the data you can receive immediately!

Such Business Intelligence requires proper methodology, technology at the right time and place.

Advantage offers modern methods of data processing and analysis in order to help you get the best result.

Is it relevant for your company, then you need JET BI Advantage!

About JET BI Advantage

Advantage solution by JET BI is a  product necessary for CEOs, analysts, and sales departments.

Advantage can be put to good effect in any business sector: Sales, Banking, Insurance, Industry and Public Health.

Where you can use JET BI Advantage

Advantage is used for big data Analytics stored in Salesforce as well as in outside sources. It is the perfect solution that allows ranking algorithms and clustering. Modules with these algorithms are connected to a Salesforce system and enable you to categorize products and then to evaluate each product depending on the category in which it is included.

Advantage can be used wherever there is a large amount of data that need to be compared and analyzed.

What is JET BI Advantage

JET BI Advantage is a modular system for market analysis. The system can be scaled for any type of a product. The main task which tackles our solution is the ability to analyze the products obtained and to highlight market leaders.

Why does your company need JET BI Advantage?

  1. Convenience

You do not need to use many different services. All the features are available in Salesforce!

  1. Scalability

 Our solution is applicable for any business. It is created to successfully manage the market and to choose the most favorable terms for your business.

  1. Use with your company org

Advantage can connect to any Org!

  1. Easy to install

You just need to install an app from AppExchange and Advantage will delight you with its performance and contemporary style.

  1. Get optional module

Advantage is a modular and expandable system. Advantage supports expandable modules that will help you and your business.

  1. JET BI Advantage works for your business

Advantage is designed to make the connections within your company easy to see and to scale.

  1. What does it give?

Advantage gives you the time you early used to spend on identifying leaders in different areas.

The time that is the most valuable resource we have.


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