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How Virtual Reality is transforming the Healthcare industry?

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Published: August, 13, 2020

Our world faces problems it has never experienced. More than 18 million people have been diagnosed with coronavirus, according to Worldometer. COVID-19 is affecting 213 countries. The numbers show the increased demand for healthcare services globally. On the one hand, healthcare professionals need the training to get access to the most recent information on this disease. On the other hand, people tend to avoid large gatherings and are finding ways to solve problems remotely, online. This is how the present situation accelerates the adoption of new technologies. 

The process of digital transformation involves healthcare along with Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Professional Services niches. VR bridges the gap when people choose social distancing, avoid large gatherings, lack mobility or transport. Remote clinical services have become of paramount importance since 2019. A unique algorithm to collect vital health and medical data is developed to enhance diagnosis and monitoring. When a person wears an HMD, it is possible to store different information that helps doctors to improve treatment and care to patients as well as enhances the quality of services. So, in some situations, doctors can treat and monitor chronic conditions even better with immersive technologies. When a healthcare provider has several data, he can correlate it, mark the deviation from the standard criteria, and adjust a treatment plan. VR allows patients to enjoy the individual approach around the clock. As for rehabilitation, advanced technology opens a lot of games and activities for patients to engage and improve their current condition.

Healthcare specialists have to study loads of information and keep it in their memories. VR allows improving medical professionals’ efficiency. They can study anatomy and physiology as well as to follow surgical and therapeutic procedures with Virtual Reality simulations and training. Minimum damage to the patient; a decrease of complications are the result of applying immersive technologies in healthcare training.

VR is also used by the pharmaceutical industry to improve the efficiency of R&D with more reliable data, lower costs, and improved effectiveness. It is applied in drug discoveries as well as at different stages of clinical trial development

Healthcare is an essential part of our live irrespective of whether we participate as patients or people leading a healthy lifestyle. Improvements in this sector are relevant to us. That's why a thorough study of our report will equip you with the most recent advances in applying virtual reality technology in healthcare. You will have an opportunity to study how healthcare practitioners are collecting different data, store information, and develop a personalized treatment plan. Do not miss the chance to dive into and understand how it is possible to customize the whole healthcare service by placing a patient at the heart of healthcare services. You will learn spheres in medicine where digital transformation is taking place now. They are: 

  1. simulations and training
  2. diagnosis
  3. patient care management
  4. rehabilitation
  5. health management
  6. healthcare R&D

Download the report to study the most recent cases of how healthcare professionals are using VR in daily work; immersive technologies transform standard medical procedures; Healthcare 4.0 is evolving now. Dive into all the details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly. In case you find it necessary to start a discussion based on our findings, please join us at our social media channel, and let's share our ideas!  


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