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Corporate Data Warehouse

What is a corporate data warehouse?

It is a single system designed for centralized storage of the company's information. The system is built on the basis of the client-server architecture, relational database system, and tools for analysis, data processing, and decision making.

What advantages gives the corporate data warehouse (CDW)?

The implementation of a corporate data warehouse means the creation of a single information storage system. The ability to access the data in a single system makes the work of all company employees much more effective. First of all, the time to access the information is reduced. At the same time, the well-designed architecture of the data warehouse helps reduce the time to generate new reports by the users themselves, without involving IT support.
Another problem that large companies often face is the existence of different systems that branches and regional offices use. It causes the heterogeneity of the data got from the branches or the dealer network. The information is not always correct, updated, and the indexes used for analysis and decision making can not be received directly. The implementation of a corporate data warehouse solves this problem.

A corporate data warehouse (CDW) is a perfect opportunity to conduct a diverse business analysis. It helps identify the key moments in making right business decisions: the most profitable agreements, popular products or services, as well as regional specific business features, etc.
One of the CDW pros is the capacity to conduct analysis based on the historical data. You can see and analyze data that was previously stored in different systems in a single report.
Another plus of the corporate data warehouse is the ability to analyze the different data types. For example, finance and traffic, personnel and the number of refusals or claims, etc. Thus, we can talk about the creation of a single information space that ensures the joint coordinated work of all divisions of the company.

Who needs CDW?

Who needs to use the data warehouse?
The daily activity of a company generates the big information flow. These can be phone calls, financial transactions, customer complaints or references, customer shipping requests,  and so on. It can be anything at all that refers to the company's activity.
The need to analyze the available information arises anyway. However, the review period can be quite extensive - from a day or even an hour, to the analysis of several years.
Eventually, data volumes increase, costs for report generation and its support extend as well. In this case, usual Excel can not cope with the volumes anymore. The corporate data warehouse is intended to solve all these challenges.

Which are the main components of a CDW?

The main components of the corporate data warehouse are:

  • The data model;
  • Data warehousing and ETL processes;
  • BI application.

The well-thought architecture of the system and processes of the data model is one of the fundamental aspects while planning the CDW. A unified approach should be implemented at all levels, starting with the names of objects and ending with the procedure for data uploading into the system.

Data Warehouse and ETL Processes are important for determining data collection principles, algorithms and their conversion (ETLs), as well as for establishing storage methods in CDW. Modern QCD systems allow you to get data practically from any data source - EPR, databases, files, XML, Big Data, etc. The correct defined logic and structure of data input, as well as determined optimal rules for its transformations and calculations, are essential for a successful project.

BI module takes care of the organization and analysis of the obtained information. Depending on the currently used toolkit, you can choose almost any reporting format - classic summary tables, Web-reporting, dashboards, or reports on mobile devices.

JET BI Expertise

  • Experts of BI department are experienced in implementing projects in the field of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Budget Management Systems and Financial Consolidation for various sectors of the economy.
  • Our experts have expertise in working with such key components and mechanisms as:
  • ETL mechanisms for data collection and transformation
  • The systems of the corporate data warehouse
  • Components of analytical reporting and indicators monitoring 
  • Systems of visualization, data mining and forecasting modeling
  • Solutions for processing of Big Data (Big Data)

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