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Development and implementation of analytical BI system

7 Feb, 2018
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 SAP BW Architect
  • 4 SAP BW Consultants
  • SAP BW
  • SAP Bex Analyzer

3 months

Project description 

Development of the corporate data warehouse and the analytical system on SAP BW platform, integration adjustment with SAP ERP, SAP CRM, Oracle Hyperion systems. Client: jewelry retail chain.

Goals and tasks 

As a part of a large implementation project and transition to SAP it was necessary to plan, develop and implement a Business Intelligence analytical system, to adjust the necessary integration with other systems and customer software. It enables data collection and consolidation data in a single analytical system.

Project scope 

The analytical reporting system on the SAP BW platform was designed and configured from scratch by the team of BI Consultants within a short period of time (4 months). The development of the system has the following peculiarities:

  • The system development started before the productive launch of SAP ERP and SAP CRM;
  • Tight deadlines for launching the functionality of analytical reports;
  • All reports were accepted by the customer in two months after the productive launch of the main systems;
  • Large amount of implemented reports and their  complexity;
  • Developed reports covered all major areas of company activity;
  • Development of a separate reports block for analysis of the company's pawn business on the basis of SAP FI-TR;
  • Client is a large retail company. As a consequence of this there is a large amount of Corporate Data Storage

As a result of works done were developed more than 50 complex reports for all spheres of the company's activity, the following tasks solved:

  • Designed and developed the architecture of the corporate data warehouse for the analytical system on the SAP BW platform;
  • SAP BW integration configured for data uploading from the following modules of SAP ERP system: LO, MM, SD, LE, FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP, FI-FM, CO-OM, CO-PA, FI- TR;
  • SAP BW integration configured for data uploading from the original SAP CRM system;
  • Bi-directional data exchange between SAP BW <-> CRM systems configured, pre-calculation of loyalty program and customer segmentation based on retail sales data in the context of checks adjusted, further results transfer into SAP CRM system set up;
  • SAP BW integration for downloading data from the initial POSDM system (cash desks) adjusted, including breakdown of check and goods item it contains;
  • Integration with Oracle Hyperion system via SAP PI  configured;
  • Regular uploading of financial data to the company's budgeting system configured;
  • Forms for manual input of plan data and indicators through BI-IP forms implemented;
  • Training of users conducted.
Advantages of JET BI 
  • Unique technical expertise and experience in Business Intelligence tools;
  • High quality thanks to the efficient QA processes and the transparent handling of bugs enhancement applications;
  • Bureaucracy minimum;
  • Adjustment to the client`s internal processes, challenges implementation with regard of the specific of the business processes;
  • High level of employees’ motivation.

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