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Implementation of IS Budgeting

Implementation of IS Budgeting for one of the largest mining and industrial metallurgical сompanies

  • Improving the efficiency of business processes;
  • Planning accuracy increase and cost reduction;
  • Reduction of labor costs for operations;
  • Increasing the accuracy and speed of data processing for decision making;
  • Control of transaction margins and purchase prices;
  • Reduction of equipment downtime, improvement in stock turnover and comprehensive monitoring of stock balance at the production level.


7 months
1 Project Manager, 1 SAP BW Architect, 2 SAP BW Senior Consultants, 4 SAP BW Consultants
  • A budgeting model was developed and budgeting unit was submitted before the start of the budget campaign;
  • Data collection process was automated;
  • Plan/Fact reports were implemented;
  • Tools for data manual correction from source systems were developed;
  • As part of the entire budgeting process, about 170 forms and 150 reports were implemented;
  • Data from the original ERP systems was consolidated; 
  • In the summer of 2019 the second wave of implementation starts.

Throughout the project JET BI team:

  • Developed several analytical reporting units of analytics reports based on SAP Business Object platform;
  • Implemented forms such as Plan/Fact on BI-IP mechanism;
  • Set up integration with the client’s source systems.

Project description

One of the largest mining and industrial metallurgical сompanies in the TOP-10 of the CIS market has been looking for the transition to the Integrated Management System of financial and economic activity. The decision to use it reflects all the trends of Industry 4.0: hyper connectivity, the opportunity to work with In-memory technologies and big amount of data in real time which enables Real Time Enterprise concept implementation. As part of the transition, many client modules were affected, our team participated in the budgeting unit.

CRM Implementation

Salesforce CRM Customization & Support for IT Central Station

  • Introduce data management and data quality improvements;
  • Migrate data from different objects and external resources;
  • Configure synchronization with external databases and new custom objects;
  • Automate Delivery programs notifications;
  • Improve data security model: organizational defaults, roles, sharing rules, users management, permission sets and field level security;
  • Support and configure custom objects, price books and product types, object relationships, formulas, roll-ups, layouts, sale flows, validation rules, Visualforce email templates, email alerts, workflows and automated processes;
  • Develop custom APEX triggers and batches in order to meet unique business needs;
  • Design complex reports, report types and set up regular notifications;
  • Combine technical documentation;
  • Hold demonstration and training sessions.

Standard functionality, APEX Classes and Triggers, Visualforce Pages, Lightning Components

1-year ongoing support
1 Salesforce Developer, 1 Salesforce Consultant, 1 QA Engineer, 1 Project Manager
  • Seamless transition to new agreed & configured sales process for two different teams;
  • Different record types and layouts are configured and assigned;
  • Validation rules customized so the user could validate record data during the sales process;
  • New Workflow & Process Builder Flows created;
  • Custom HTML and Visualforce email templates implemented;
  • Company’s role hierarchy structure is fully reconfigured in order to achieve the desired level of access to the data;
  • Custom APEX Batch is developed that defines whether an Account record is active or not based on the related opportunities’ products dates;
  • Custom Email notification functionality of Delivery Managers based on Product Type implemented and can be configured via Custom Settings;
  • Automation of reminders notification for a Customer Support Managers and Program Managers depending on Active account status, product type and opportunity stage;
  • Personal and teams’ dashboards are configured. New complex report are designed;
  • APEX triggers successful integrated for the data synchronization with the external system;
  • Fixed existing issues and mismatches in previous logic;
  • Data clean-up performed;
  • Overall staff efficiency increased.

JET BI team performed consulting, support, configuration and custom development services including:

Close communication with the Customer in order to understand business processes and Salesforce requirements;

Requirements analysis;

The support project has been already running for 1 year.

Project description

IT Central Station is a crowdsourcing knowledge platform supporting technology decision makers around the world to better connect with peers and other independent experts. The company has been looking for an expertise able to restrict or provide access data to particular groups of users, work with better analytics and the reports suitable for company’s business peculiarities, customize and design complicated processes.The project required to provide strategic guidance on design of new CRM functionality according to the business needs for the fastest growing online platform designed for enterprise technology buyers.


Implementation of the Analytical System for HCM on SAP BW on HANA Platform

  • Create a convenient and fast reporting system with data actuality for the previous day on 7 main HCM directions;
  • Ensure the relevance of historical data considering their constant changes;
  • Develop data extraction functionality considering a large volume of custom developments in the transaction system;
  • Optimize standard extraction functionality;
  • Develop a background functionality to upload data for their further transfer to TERADATA system.

SAP BW on HANA, SAP Bex Analyzer

18 months
Project Manager, SAP BW/BI Architect, SAP HCM Architect, 3 SAP BW/BI Consultants, 2 ABAP Developers

There were implemented more than 120 reports and 40 interfaces for uploading data to the external system. Necessary functionality extensions were successfully made for the integration with SAP HCM. 

Putting into operation took place in several stages, the first stage of the analytical system was implemented in October 2017, the last one in June 2018. 

Currently, the reports are used by various levels of department heads (from heads of small departments to heads of territorial banks). The total number of the analytical system users is more than 10 thousand. At the end of the project, all necessary documentation for all developments and settings was written and agreed with the customer.

Throughout the project JET BI team:

  • Created a corporate data warehouse on SAP BW on HANA platform;
  • Developed the main blocks of analytical reports on the processes of "salary", "organizational management", "work time tracking", "personnel cost planning", "career and development", "personnel administration";
  • Implemented a complex authority system to access data and reports;
  • Configured and implemented necessary customization and integration with SAP HCM system which is necessary to support main business processes of the bank;
  • Implemented a data upload functionality for their further transfer to TERADATA system.

Project description

Implementation of a corporate warehouse system and analytical reporting system of customer’s SAP HCM module on SAP BW on HANA platform.


Project background

The necessity for analytical reports on the blocks of SAP HCM system: salary, organizational management, work time tracking, personnel cost planning, career and development, personnel administration;

Insufficient speed of transactional reports;

Formation of consolidated data for their further transfer to TERADATA system.


Development of Corporate Data Warehouse and Analytical System for a Central Asian bank

  • Ensure transparency of citizens' applications processing for banking services;
  • Reduce formation period of financial reporting;
  • Ensure correct data integration across clients from different systems;
  • Provide an opportunity for responsible employees to notice and react to critical situations in time;
  • Reduce the influence of human factor on information used while making strategic and management decisions.



SAP BW on HANA, SAP HANA, SAP BO Analysis, SAP BO Design Studio, SAP Data Services

6 months
3 SAP BW/BO Consultants
  • Successful implementation of more than 50 analytical reports and about 10 dashboards. Currently the main consumers of the corporate data warehouse information are top managers of the bank, as well as representatives of the branch network. The results of the progect:
  • Availability of bank products for the population has increased, including in remote regions of the Republic;
  • Processing time for customer requests has reduced;
  • Conditions for granting loans to the population have been improved;
  • Information transfer from over 220 data sources from various source systems has been set up: SAP CRM, automated banking system NCI, SWIFT, PegaSystems and others;
  • Loan applications processing has been automated.


As part of the project, JET BI team made:

  • Setting up integration between third-party systems and SAP BW in terms of data extraction through SAP Data Services;
  • Optimization of the existing in corporate data warehouse ETL-processes;
  • Implementation of time-dependent relationship of account numbers, contract numbers and interest rates;
  • Implementation of 7 forms to enter planning and forecast data;
  • Creating SAP BO corporate reporting on the company's main sectors – loans, investments, deposits, risks.

Project description

As a part of the project, it was necessary to develop a single place of truth – corporate data warehouse, which would combine all the historical data and data of all accounting systems of the bank, as well as to implement a loan pipeline and CRM. It is the first project of such a scale in the country of the customer. Our team took part in setting up and implementing the corporate data warehouse and was engaged in the implementation of analytical reporting.

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