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Development of a set of Lightning components

Development of Lightning Components with the following functions: demonstration of the treelike structure, tree search, push notifications, displaying of the sales status for a certain period, and information on the execution level of the KPIs for the sales department.

  • APEX Classes and Triggers
  • Lightning Components
  • SLDS (Salesforce Lightning Design System)
2 months
2 APEX Developers, 1 UX Designer, 1 QA Engineer, 1 Project manager, 1 Technical Architect

In the framework of the project were developed 3 Lightning Components, the managed package assembled, the package completely prepared for AppExchange listing.

As a result of the developed solution increased the work efficiency of the Sales Department, the Head of Department is able to monitor and analyze main KPIs. The implemented Lightning components provided an opportunity to optimize current sales strategy.

The client, one of the leading AppExchange vendors in the USA, decided to develop a set of Lightning components ready for AppExchange listing.

Project description

  • Architecture design of components to ensure the maximal portability and consistency;
  • UX-design;
  • Development of Lightning components;
  • Testing;
  • Managed package assembly.

Mobile app for not-profit medical organization

Main application functions were the following:

  • Authentication via Salesforce Community licenses;
  • Possibility to schedule an appointment with a coach using Live Agent Chat, video chat or via an emergency call;
  • Possibility to pass a health test and get advice from a coach.
• JIRA, Confluence, GitHub, Invision • Salesforce SDK • Core Data, Core Location • SF Live Agent Chat • TokBox video Chat API
3 months
2 iOS Developers, 1 Android Developer, QA Team

Mobile application developed within the project increased work efficiency of the medical staff, it also reduced the time necessary to provide medical support. Thanks to the application the communication between patients and coaches has been taken to the new level.

The application was successfully published on Google Play and App Store in January 2018.  Now it enjoys positive feedback from users.

JET BI team performed consulting and custom development services including:

  • Requirement analysis;
  • Development of mobile application for both platforms – iOS and Android;
  • Advisory work on UI/UX design;
  • Salesforce authorization using Community licenses;
  • Integration with Salesforce using custom API and standard SDK;
  • Integration with Salesforce Live Agent Chat;
  • Integration with Tokbox Video chat;
  • Ability to schedule an appointment using custom calendar components;
  • Possibility to pass tests and get recommendations based on the results.

Project description

Our client has developed a platform based on Salesforce Health Cloud which allows people that suffer from alcohol and drug addiction to receive professional help and support.

Our development team was chosen to create a mobile application for both platforms – iOS and Android. The main requirement was to develop a simple, easy-to-use application with user-friendly interface that allows receiving medical support in a couple of clicks.


Salesforce CRM Implementation

  • Migrate data from the previously used CRM system;
  • Customize Salesforce CRM to meet unique needs of the Customer taking into account internal client processes;
  • Automate Sales processes, reminder notifications;
  • Automate workflow depending on the Deal type;
  • Streamline the collaboration between Sales Agents;
  • Automate the process of Lead generation from partner sources.
  • Standard functionality
  • APEX Classes and Triggers
  • Visualforce Pages
  • Lightning Components
7 months
2 Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Administrator, QA Engineer, Project manager
  • Seamless transition to the new CRM system;
  • Validation rules customized so the user could validate record data during the Lead processing and mark some fields as required during the Opportunity qualification process;
  • Workflow rules customized so the Lead owner was enabled to track Lead conversion status no matter which Sales Agent this Lead has been converted by;
  • Custom HTML email template implemented;
  • Automation of reminder notification for a Sales Agent;
  • Process Builder Flows customized so Leads from specific sources could be assigned to the specific person (not via common assignment rules) ;
  • Process of the commission calculation before the Opportunity is Closed automated;
  • Automation of Sales process depending on the deal type;
  • Custom Lead Assignment Rules implemented;
  • Custom Email Handler implemented;
  • Custom Lead Submission Form with Authentication available on desktops, tablets and mobile phones implemented;
  • Custom Image Rendering on the Product level;
  • Custom Quote Procession Logic implemented;
  • Time spent by Sales Agents for each action reduced;
  • Overall staff efficiency increased.

JET BI team performed consulting and custom development services including:

  • Close communication with the Customer in order to understand business processes and Salesforce requirements;
  • Requirements analysis;

The project consisted of two phases; the total project timeline makes up 7 months.

Project description

The client, one of the biggest real estate companies in the Czech Republic, decided to implement Salesforce CRM from scratch and to embed it into existing corporate Business processes. Seamless data migration from previously used CRM system to Salesforce was also required. The project required to build custom logic in order to enhance and extend company’s sales processes.


SAP Fiori Application for goods allocation and selection management

While working on the project JET BI team had to develop and implement the following features:

  • Search for reservations by various parameters and parameter groups;
  • View the list of reservations;
  • View detailed information on reservation items, changes to the information, position removal option;
  • Scanning of excise labels;
  • Changes to the information on excise labels as well as the information removal;
  • Excise labels validation via data conversion from the 36th system and further information request in SAP backend;
  • Development of the fully custom lock engine that ensures proper application work while used by several persons;
  • A storage mechanism for change history.
  • S/4 HANA – system
  • HANA - database
  • CDS Views
  • OData Web Service
  • ABAP
  • SAP UI 5 1.24
2 months
Senior Back-End Developer (ABAP, OData), Senior Front-End Developer (SAP UI5), Project Manager

The project resulted in the successful implementation of SAP Fiori application that enables reservations management. This application is maximally adapted to the client's chosen mobile scanner (TSD), but it can also work on the desktop. The application consists of 5 main screens and a series of pop-up sub-screens for operational comfort.

All the goals and tasks set at the preparation stage were successfully implemented.

According to the set goals project a reservation document that indicates the product demand on the beverage department should be created in SAP system. The storekeeper indicates the quantity of goods actually selected for the reservation using the mobile scanner, and also scans the brands from bottles (for strong alcohol). The entered data is stored in SAP user tables, as well as in the standard reservation document for further accounting and shipment.

Project description

A need to automate the process of decommissioning products, in particular, the stage of picking products, according to the law became the main project assumption. The client needed an easy-to-use, reliable mobile application that would meet all the requirements of modern technologies. Since the main processes of the enterprise are automated with the use of the SAP system, the same platform and SAP Fiori were chosen as the optimal technology for developing a mobile application that meets all the basic requirements.

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