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SAP Predictive Analytics: overview
Predictive analytics is a class of data analysis methods that allow predicting the future of events and objects by analyzing current and historical information to make the right decisions.
23 March 2018
How to pass AppExchange Security Review
The AppExchange is the largest marketplace for cloud-based applications worldwide.
13 March 2018
How to become an irreplaceable quality engineer
But there are some factors that can complicate this process: previous projects and industry branches; technical knowledge; communication; time; test documentation. 
10 March 2018
Internship or first work experience for a SAP consultant
One of the most effective ways to get knowledge and to develop professional skills is an internship at the relevant company.
03 March 2018
Business Intelligence implementation: traps and pitfalls
However, we believe that the process of decision making should always follow logic principles, common sense, and business needs.
16 February 2018
4 questions everyone asks before implementing Salesforce CRM
CRM implementation means not only enhancement of sales process and growth of customer satisfaction, but it is also a large investment
05 February 2018
Business Intelligence Trends for 2018
Whether you are the End-user, BI Consultant or an Executive all the goings-on in the world of the Business Intelligence are extremely important to know.
25 January 2018
Salesforce licenses overview - Part 3+Whitepapers
In the previous articles, we reviewed SF licenses which allow you to engage partners, customers, and employees.
30 November 2017
Salesforce licenses overview - Part 2
Now let us take a look in depth on three very useful bunch of licenses, which will help you to cooperate with your partners
23 November 2017
Salesforce licenses overview - Part 1
The situation with Salesforce licenses is quite difficult as there are many types, which can get confusing. Further complications are related to the fact that apart user licenses, you can purchase feature licenses, or permission set licenses.
26 October 2017
Trailhead: exciting way to learn
Work with the world's most innovative CRM system requires the constant self-education and self-improvement. Salesforce worked
20 October 2017
Dreamforce 2017: Tips for productive attendance
Dreamforce is justly named the #1 technology event of the year. Exciting acquaintances, whirl of keynotes and sessions
16 August 2017