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Smart Marketing Automation: Pardot vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud
If you are trying to find out the best way to automate and keep track of all of your marketing activities and you wish to unite your marketing and sales departments so that they can better work together
20 January 2020
Using R Visualizations within SAP Analytics Cloud
The standard functionality for data visualization within SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is extremely wide, but if not enough, it is possible to connect the R language, which allows you to lay out powerful algorithms for data visualization and analyze.
21 August 2019
Advantage captures new opportunities
We are happy to announce that Advantage Competitive Intelligence Suite for Salesforce is getting new even more powerfull features. Our development team is working hard on improving existing functions to help business owners, sales and marketing teams work efficiently in today's competitive world.
08 July 2019
How Mulesoft helps companies with Enterprise Data Integration at the age of Industry 4.0?
Constant quick access to the cloud and the on-prem data is an essential ...
04 July 2019
Integrate Salesforce with JIRA: overview and sample integration
More than 125,000 companies use JIRA in their daily work to track processes and workflow. Even more businesses rely on Salesforce system when it comes to customer relationship management.
18 June 2019
SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Capabilities
SAP Analytics Cloud is a unified platform that integrates business analytics, planning, and predictive analytics. SAP Analytics Cloud uses the “model” concept. It is the foundation for storing and researching data
24 May 2019
Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant of your dream
Today we would like to introduce you to JET BI Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant, Ekaterina Rusakovich, who has gained two Salesforce certificates in a year.
20 May 2019
10 Reasons to choose Salesforce as CRM for a Startup
Great news - you have launched a startup, developed new innovative product and attracted investments! Well done! But it is just the beginning.
17 May 2019
Top 10 books on Competitive Intelligence
Market research and competitor analysis are essential parts of a successful business. Information about competitors' pain points, market tendencies and client buying patterns provides inappreciable insights while building corporate marketing and sales strategy.
13 May 2019
jQuery in Lightning components
When working with the layout of traditional HTML pages, jQuery is used everywhere. This library significantly simplifies the work with JavaScript.
10 May 2019
Types of Data Visualization in SAP Analytics Cloud
In the world packed with the big amount of the data we face each moment, visual information plays an important role in comparison to text and tables. Data visualization makes it easier to perceive information as it better attracts the attention of users.
05 May 2019
Bid4Good: Increase brand awareness through joint activities
In our previous blog, we talked about the Visualforce version of the app created to engage people in charitable activities - Bid4Good. Today we want to tell you about its version for Lightning Bolt Community.
25 April 2019